Early Illustrations of Le Cimetière des Chiens

A Postcard History of Le Cimetière des Chiens

Tuesday 31 May 2011

Toutoune's Memorial

This is very striking. Note the ribbon on the top knot. I translate the first line of the inscription as My Darling Fatty! Am I correct?


  1. Hi Laurie, have just been catching up on these fabulous cards...

    Not only can toutounne translate roughly as "fatty", but also as an ugly woman... but this dog looks neither fat nor ugly, so probably juste an affectionate twist on "toutou", another word for dog...

    What a priceless collection of cards !

  2. Hi Owen, welcome back from your travels. Thanks for the useful thoughts on the translation. Toutou? I wonder if that was the inspiration for Toto - Dorothy's little dog.