Early Illustrations of Le Cimetière des Chiens

A Postcard History of Le Cimetière des Chiens

Sunday 1 May 2011

Unloading the Body of a Faithful Friend

The Cemetery of Dogs came about because of a law passed by the Paris authorities in 1898. Pet owners were required to bury their pets rather than dump them with the rubbish or in the River Seine.  French attorney Georges Harmois and journalist Marguerite Durand came up with the idea of creating a cemetery for dogs and other domestic pets at Asnières-sur-Seine. The cemetery opened in the summer of 1899 and it is said that since then,  tens of thousands of animals have been buried in Le Cimetière des Chiens. These include not only dogs but cats, a lion, a monkey and a racehorse!

As you look through the cemetery gates, you can see a large memorial to Barry, a mountain rescue dog. Beyond is a place of remembrance for our faithful companions. This first photograph shows two attendants with a funeral bier. One is withdrawing a small coffin ready for burial. The postcard is captioned - Unloading a body. It was posted to Madame Deronard at Rue Du Champ D'allouette No 9, Paris on 19 March 1904.


  1. My, how times change...
    Today If someone sent you a postcard of a Pet cemetery, showing the interment of a beloved dog or cat, it would be seen as disturbing and rather creepy.
    But by Victorian standards, our shameless display of uncovered piano and table legs, must seem scandalous.
    Thanks for sharing Laurie, looking forward to seeing more....

  2. I know. It is amazing how the passing of a century changes things! Much more to come, I assure you.